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Admission Process

Admission Process

Admissions will be made strictly on merit basis, obtained by the candidate in the entrance test.

Pupils selected for various classes must be accompanied by their parents/guardians who will be responsible to the school authorities for their regularity and discipline.

Students must attend school regularly. No leave of absence shall be granted except for serious reasons.

Application for leave should be entered in the leave record and the signature of the principal should be obtained.

If absent for more than 4 days due to sickness the leave letter and medical certificate should be produced.

The students are not allowed to the class without the leave letter approved by the principal.

If a student is absent for a month without leave and her/his fees are not paid, her/his name shall be struck off from the rolls.

Parents should avoid taking their children for tours, functions and pligrimages during the school days.


The academic performance of the students is assessed regularly by conducting tests and assignments.

Unit or Assignment Tests and Terminal examinations are compulsory for all. A re-test or examination will not be conducted for the absentees except when a student is required to represent the school in outside competitions.

There will be three assignments and three unit tests in a year. Terminal examinations are held before the end of every term.

Progress reports are issued after every unit test and terminal examination. Parents are requested to go through the progress in each subject. Every student must have a minimum of 35% marks in all subjects and 90% attendance.