Wel come to St.pious x school Alwal

Aims and Objectives


St. Pious X School,ICSE aims at the integral formation of the young.

We promote the values that makes a child a full human being.

Imparting knowledge and instilling discipline for good behaviour are the twin goals of our institution. Hence this school expects every student to obey its rules and regulations.

Our education method makes the students learn and practice the values of life like love, service, justice, tolerance etc.

We help the students to identify their talents and develop them.

Thus we aim at making our students true citizens and leaders of our nation.

To mould the character of the students value education classes are conducted.

To befit the child in a technically competitive world computer education is given to all the children from class I.

The academic abilities of the students are tested by periodic tests and examinations.

The Scholastic Year

The academic year begins in March/April. A year consists of three terms beginning from April.

First Term : April to September

Second Term : October to December

Third Term : January to March